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Bitcoin Blogger & The Page Promoters

This blog is for introducing friends I know who would like to blog but unsure of what lurks in waiting in working & producing content via WordPress blog site like this. I will update soon as I have more content so I can create pages for my friends such as MG, MC & peekaboo as well as a few friends that have been linking etc.

The Real Peoples Party Update 2023

Here is a few questions we would like to ask of you in the UK !! 1/ what’s the main thing that would make people vote for ‘The Real Peoples Party’ !! 2/ what do people want from there political parties !! 3/ do the ppl believe in the death penalty being back for serious crimes !! 4/ should the UK be involved in Ukraine fight !! 5/ do the people believe that all MP’s should sign a accountability clause before coming an MP !! 6/ should the UK government start reducing numbers in prisons to relieve the burden on the tax payers !!

These are questions we came up with when think tanking about the UK at the moment, what do people really want & what could benifit the country from a Political Party that has the interests of people at heart. As well as caring for human rights & causes being transparent & truthful we guess could be welcome. I’m looking forward to finding out what people want, Party Leader MC is the man behind the ‘Real Peoples Party’ & we shall be finding out over the next few weeks or months when we interview people, etc.

Pager 1 MG Farooque

Time out to dance and to be fair came out quite good, considering we just leapt into this with little training, next time we will train & look at some moves from the Bollywood style.

MG Farooque is indeed musical & we hope to showcase his works or some small example off which we feel is quite good, for now though we shall showcase his dancing with Poplock Paul and maybe one day we will see more we hope.